Champion EmpowHERment, is about women owning their power, their beauty, their truth.


My mission is for every woman to know it is possible to achieve full self-love, value, authentic happiness, and that it's never too late to learn and live their purpose.

You are the Champion of your life, and you were never meant to be anything less than your greatest self.  You get to design and create the life you desire.  All of your life experiences have helped shape the Champion within and it's time to boldly and bravely let her shine. 

Certified Master Life Coach

-Tasha Champion

I welcome you to be a part of my self-love and empowHERment community and learn to Love the Champion You Are!




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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Tasha for many years.  During that time she has always shared such pearls of wisdom with me and I marveled at how profoundly in touch she is with the human psyche and condition.  Hers is an innate gift, she was born to be a life coach.  She has always given me food for thought and plenty of “soul” food when I needed it the most.  Most importantly her guidance and suggestions are always based on love, not the fear of ego.  Personally, I believe that her last name, “Champion”, is not a coincidence.  She is a not only a fighter and a winner, she is also a powerful woman who overcame adversity and discovered her true path in life.  A path that now allows her to make a difference in a world that surely needs the grace, wisdom and beauty that Tasha embodies in her heart and soul.” 

-Darlene T.

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