Angel Card Reading

Ever wonder what your guides are trying to tell you? 

What messages are meant for you?


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Angel card readings can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance.  These gentle and safe cards can connect with your intuition and provide calming messages to help soothe tired and weakened emotions.  The lessons the angels provide cover all areas of life and center around spiritual advice. The messages provide encouragement and beautiful affirmations for any challenges you may face.  The angels will also confirm what you know but may be doubting.  Discover what messages are meant for you and let the angels provide you with love and light in your life.

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During an Angel Card Reading I ask that you relax and be patient while getting centered and grounded. This allows for you to connect to your higher self and tune into your individual energies. I will invite the angels into the session and ask for them to remove ego based thoughts and to bring only the messages of Divine Guidance. You will be able to ask questions or request angelic guidance. The messages delivered to you are from your angels and guides through the cards and through my intuitive feelings.

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"I’ve had several angel card readings and although I was very skeptical initially, I found them to be very helpful, insightful and emotionally cleansing.  I think Tasha’s overall understanding and ability to interpret the cards without hesitation let’s me know that she stands behind her craft and its meaning and purpose.  I encourage everyone to do an angel card reading especially if there are things weighing on their heart."        

                                                                                     -Erin M.