As your Shenomenal life coach, I aim to empower and support you to set, meet and exceed your personal and professional goals. You are the master of your life and this Shenomenal coaching process helps you to discover what your personal best is.

The Shenomenal program is designed to help you learn the value of self-love, purpose and true authentic happiness. Being a person that connects with the soul, I understand how energy, intuition, and high vibrations play a role in the way you feel and how you achieve your goals.

Each one on one session is held in a safe space.  Whether it’s in person or online through video, we hold the intention to create a space of comfort and safety to promote complete trust, honesty, and clarity. During our time together you will eliminate limited beliefs, break down barriers and fears, stand in and own your truth and emerge as a woman with unlimited power and potential. I will hold you accountable for the goals you have set for yourself. As a result of coaching, including the different exercises and soul work, clients report they are now experiencing happiness from within.  They have expressed no longer searching for love and value in the wrong people or places because they have experienced it and now have it within themselves. As the master of your life, it is your right to live in your highest self, achieving every goal and making every dream come true.

"I would like to commend Tasha on being a life coach. Her honesty, words of wisdom and encouragement has truly helped me in the most trying times of my life. I decided to go against the grain and try an angel card reading. To my surprise, it was informative and very interesting as it had given me a different perspective on some things that I needed to channel within such as my creativity which will allow me to release my emotions and becoming more creative artistically to relieve stress and by doing so, I have become more focused artistically."