Our Past Events have been                SPECTACULAR!

Having the power to create your year the way you desire it.

Your Year...Your Way 2017 was the first conference from my series of Shenomenal Classes.  The goal of this conference was to give women the tools to design their year how they desire it and stop the cycle of their year controlling them.  

The speakers were fantastic. The topics covered:

  • Finances

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Spiritual Growth

This was a powerful day packed with powerful information from powerful women. 

Check out what our guest had to say

Your Year...Your Way 2017

"Erika Ringor was the most impactful for me at this moment in my life. Great nuggets of information to move forward."

- Takiyah

"I found Shirrell and Erika presentations to be informative and up lifting. The steps Erika listed were most informative for my goals"

"Financial protection and all the information provided was helpful, overcoming obstacles really touched my heart"

"I connected so much with Bianca and Danisha's story made me feel I can get through any storm"

"I loved their passion about what they do and the ability to project it."

"I learned to make myself a priority first, speak my goals and create rituals for myself"

Reflections of Self

 A Heart Healing Conference

The second conference in our series of Shenomenal classes, was all about healing the heart.  Many women have gone through some type of experience that left them feeling heart broken and afraid to love. This conference showed 6 women who have all been through a traumatic experience but overcame every obstacle and found love in the purest form, first within themselves and then with their spouse. 

Check out what our guest had to say

"I learned to live in my truth and not in my past."

"I loved the surprise of having the men there to give their perspective."

"This conference helped me to understand how I need to stand in my truth and push through the darkness and pain until I make my breakthrough."

"Shonta's spirit shines bright, she is powerful and effective."

"Bianca hit the nail on the head as if I were up there speaking."

"You ladies did a great job, it was a blessing to be here."

A Co-ed Conversation About Love

Bringing men and women (single, dating & married) together for an


open and mature discussion about love.  

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We did it and it was incredible!!!!  Champion EmpowHERment and The CORE of U brought men and women together for an open and honest discussion about some of the toughest topics surrounding love.  We learned how all love starts with self and when something goes wrong we have to look at ourselves first.  We discussed the power of communication, what it's like dating in the age of technology and how you can heal after being hurt and still welcome love into your life.  Our panel brought their experience and unselfishly shared intimate stories of their past to help the audience with their present and their future.  We will do this again and you will have the chance to be there!