Are you having an event and need a guest speaker?

With a passion for helping women to be the best version of themselves through self love and authentic happiness, I will motivate your guest to take massive action. I help them understand the value of living their purpose without fear. I will inspire them to unleash the power they have within themselves and reconnect with the image in the mirror they may no longer recognize. My goal is to make them feel safe to be exactly who they are and to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I want every woman to visualize the life they desire and give them the tools to make that vision a reality. The sky is not their limit.

You are going to grow and develop into someone as you go through life. The important thing is to know who that person is and not be afraid of how powerful she can be. This world is yours to impact with your greatness.

"Tasha did a WONDERFUL job speaking at our cancer support group.  She had a very confident presence and was able to speak from the heart.  She provided some needed and real information on how to remain positive during this difficult journey.  Newly diagnosed and survivors were able to gain valuable information from her presentation! "   -Erin Westphal, The Pink Ribbon Place