Upcoming Events

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         Turn the Crown Around

A 3 hour intimate workshop for women to learn how to get off the footstool they have been knocked down to, and sit up powerfully and beautifully on their pedestal.  This workshop will teach you how to give your extra and not your all.  You are a queen and you must turn your crown around. 

Date, time, location: TBA

Empower Your Visions and Goal

Champion EmpowHERment takes vision board workshops to another level with our goal setting workshop that includes a free workbook.  Our workshop provides all materials.  We teach you how to set and meet your goals and then we translate those goals into beautiful and personalized vision boards.  Have fun with your friends and family while setting your goals and creating your vision board. 

Forgiveness is Free

Forgiveness is free and so is this workshop.  The power of forgiveness is something we should all know, learn and experience.  When you forgive, you free yourself and open your heart and spirit to receive more in life.  We want to give you the tools to know forgiveness is a MUST.  You will hear some powerful stories from people who didn't know if forgiveness would be possible after what they had experienced.