Your Year...Your Way 2019 - High Desert

YYYW VB Flyer 2019.jpg

Did you know the power to design your year your way is already within you?  It's about activating that power and taking control. We will give you the tools and courage to have the best year of your life.

The interactive workbook has been designed to support you in identifying your goals and the steps to help you reach them.  Each speaker will have you thinking deeper about what you want.  This is where designing your year your way begins.  Once we have completed the workbooks, you will use your goals to create a beautiful vision board and learn how to manifest your vision into your reality.

After this workshop, your future years will never be the same.

The launch of Your Year...Your Way in 2017 was a sold out event. Get your tickets today

Ticket includes:
  • Interactive Workbook
  • Vision Board(All Materials Included)
  • Raffle ticket
  • Light Refreshments
Ticket Price $25*
* Free gift to the first ten ticket holders